Dharma in Action-The Buddha's Teachings for an Uncertain World

  • New York Insight Meditation Center 28 West 27th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States

Dharma in Action
Wednesday mornings 10:00AM-12:00PM
May 10-June 28
New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th St.

Everyday life is uncertain enough, but in these times of societal and environmental instability the challenges seem far greater. At times we may feel hopeless and we might find ourselves always saying “what can I do”.  The Buddha’s teachings offers a clear path to navigate life individually and societally through the 10,000 joys and sorrows.  In these eight weekly classes we will explore through practice how appropriate response can arise.

Each class will include a period of meditation, a short dharma talk, sutta study and dialogue.  There will also be weekly on-going practices and readings.

Pre-requisites:  Insight 101, MBSR.  If you have questions about whether this class is appropriate please ask to contact me.