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  • Tournesol Wellness 26 East 36th St. New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

Friday Mornings
September 14-November 2
Tournesol Wellness
26 East 36t St. 
New York, NY


"Breathworks methods could radically change your life for the better."
- Prof. Lance McCracken, Professor of Behavioural Medicine, King's College, London

This 8-Week class is geared toward those who deal with persistent pain, illness or other conditions affecting one’s physical health.

The curriculum was originally developed by Vidyamala Burch, founder of Breathworks in England.  While it is in some ways  similar to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn it is much more specifically teaching how the power of mindfulness addresses chronic physical pain and illness.  Participants will learn how to manage their pain in daily life, breath and body awareness practices, gentle mindful movement,  and numerous meditation practices to cultivate a greater sense of kindness toward self and others.

Participants will receive a class workbook, a copy of Vidyamala Burch’s book, You are Not Your Pain, and meditation recordings via MP3.

Because of the nature of the class, registration is limited to 12 participants.  Upon registration you will be requested to fill out an application and then have an interview with Jon Aaron to determine if the class is appropriate for you.

Registration Fee: $500.00, Limited scholarships available.

If you are interested in this class please write me directly:

"The approach I learned from Jon's class has helped me lessen my dependence on nonnarcotic painkillers and has instilled in me a sense of hope."           Lynne

As someone recovering from a traumatic brain injury, Jons class and teachings helped me for the first time to listen to my body and start searching for my true baseline. Since taking the class I have continued to integrate the teachings daily through the  rest of my rehabilitation and recovery - which has been a priceless tool.  Zander H.